Natural Linen Bedsheets vs Cotton Sheets | Which is a better option?

Most bedsheets tend to be made from either cotton or linen. While most people tend to grab the cotton sheets, there are many benefits of choosing linen instead. Linen usually has a better quality, reduces allergies, and is better for the environment. There is a reason why even the most luxurious hotels use linen bedding. Here we will discuss the top reasons why everyone should make the change to linen sheets.

The Quality of Linen Sheets Can Improve Sleep

Even if one buys the most expensive and luxurious mattress in the world, if the sheets are not comfortable against your body you can have a restless sleep and no energy the next morning. Having good quality linen sheets can improve your sleep. Just like cotton sheets, linen sheets can have various thread counts, and the higher the thread count the silkier they will feel. In addition, the more you wash linen, the softer they will get while still staying strong.

Linen sheets are also breathable, which can help anyone stay comfortable the entire night, even in the summer. Linen can absorb about 20% of its weight in moisture, which means that if you are a hot sleeper, the linen sheets can withstand night sweats without you even realizing. Anyone could stay cool and dry the whole night through.

Some say that linen sheets offer a massaging feel. Linen has microscopic “breaks” within the fabric, which can give you a feel of a light massage as you sleep.

Linen can improve one’s sleep by being comfortably soft, highly absorbent, and extremely breathable.

The Longevity of Linen Can Save Money in the Long Run

While linen can be more expensive than cotton, it can certainly save you money in the long run. The fibers that linen fabric is made of is a lot stronger than cotton. The threads of linen are usually thicker and longer than cotton, which means they can outlast cottons and many other fabrics over time. While some fabrics may weaken and start getting holes, linen usually stands strong. Consumers may have to purchase multiple cotton bedsheets in the lifespan of one linen bedsheet. This means that buying the more luxurious linen from the very beginning could save you money since you would be purchasing less over time.

Linen Bedding Has Health Benefits

Linen can have natural health benefits that many other fabrics do not have. Linen has filtering properties built into the threads that helps reduce allergens and germs that can be found in normal bedding. This not only helps those that are prone to allergies but can also help everyone during allergy season.

Linen also wicks moisture, which means less bacteria buildup on bedding. In addition, the wicking property helps with the breathability of the fabric, which means the bedding will stay warm during the wintertime and cool and dry during the summertime.

In addition to all these benefits, linen is also anti-static. This means that those sleeping in linen sheets can maintain their natural pH levels on their skin and body, which benefits people who suffer from either sensitive skin or skin conditions.

To summarize, linen is hypo-allergenic and anti-static. It also is resistant to fungus, bacteria, and small critters like dust mites. Last, it is not just lint free, but also dirt repellent. All these natural elements of linen offer health benefits to the consumers of linen bedding.

Linen is an Environmentally Conscious Choice

Linen is seen as being one of the most environmentally conscious fabrics. First, their longevity makes them better for the environment. Because linen bedding can last for decades when taken care of, you can buy less which saves the environment from waste. In addition, linen is made from the flax plant, a natural material, which makes them biodegradable when they eventually outlive their purpose.

The process of making linen is also very environmentally conscious. Most flax plants, especially those grown in the right environment like European linen, take little water to produce and little to no chemicals like fertilizer. This saves water and energy, and this allows less chemicals in the earth’s ground. Last, there is less waste of the actual flax plant since most of the plant can be used for other things like flax seed.

While cotton can be of great quality and more economic bedding option, - we definitely prefer linen! When considering changing over to linen bedding, remember that linen bed sheets can improve your sleep, save you money in the long run, has health benefits, and is the environmentally conscious choice.

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